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Ghost Stories

Happy Halloween!

One of my favorite holidays. Candy and costumes, chilly weather, parties and pumpkins and trick-or-treat; what's not to like? The only thing needed to make the holiday complete is a spiced hot cider, a few friends, and a good ghost story by candlelight.

In the spirit of the holiday (ahem), I've pulled together some of my own "ghost" stories for your entertainment. Each story is built upon a factual account of unusual events that I have personally experienced over the years.

Because these are drawn from experience, you won't find lushly ominous settings, intricate plots, or the colorful characters usually associated with such tales. Sadly, I have spent no appreciable amount of time around castles, moors, vanishing ships and sinister hotels; nor among necromancers, devil dogs, mad pirates, or delicate women who faint at the slightest provocation. I have, however, taken care to write these stories in the first person/present tense in the hope that action and commentary will hide the absence of plot and player.

Each story is true, in that I have done my best to faithfully describe actual events, people, places, impressions and key dialog. I also try to offer analyses with an eye toward plausible explanations. My goal, in the tradition of the best-written ghost stories, is to leave it to you to decide the question of whether or not "ghosts" are actually involved. You'll find that I strive to entertain in a way that respects your intelligence. I'm also sure you'll find your conclusions more satisfactory than mine anyway.

If you want to learn more about the story behind these stories and my views on such things as the supernatural, you might want to read this first. Otherwise just jump right in, turn down the lights, filtch some candy or a glass of port, break out the cigars and browse the stories. Some are short, some a little longer, all are written with a light touch, and I hope you'll enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Your Host,


The Stories

Information, Please

July 1974, Santa Monica, California
You can get there from here,
but it's quite a trek...


Mind Your Manners

November 1971, Brentwood, California
The ability to maintain one's composure under unusual circumstances is a hallmark of the refined host...


Wáchale Ese!

Summer 1982, Santa Monica, California
Let's take a shortcut through the cemetery... but walk, don't run primo; be cool...


It's Your Special Day

November 1985, Santa Monica, California
Ever spend a day just wandering around?
You'd be surprised at what you might find waiting for you...


Katie's Man

Some Years Ago, Location Withheld
Kids say the darndest things!



Left For Buy, Right For Sell

Ongoing, At Home
Ever wonder what it would be like
to own a piece of art that acts like a Ouija Board?


Snap Taffy

Summer 2002, Location Withheld
A poem, with audio.
I hope you like poetry...



And Finally...

Show And Tell

Greeley's Whaley House Photo Album

Summer 1985, San Diego, California
A picture's worth a thousand words.
So if you know anything about photography, read up and contribute a few...







Special Bonus Story: Orange Is The Color

Added October 26th, 2004




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