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About the Whaley House

2482 San Diego Avenue, corner of Harney,
in Old Town San Diego, California

(10/22/2004) Greeley here; I'm working up a summary on the history of the house and its residents and intend to have something to post here in a few weeks. In the interim, check out the following links to learn more about the Whaley House:

The San Diego Historical Society (SDHS) has an extensive on-line collection of writings on the Whaley House. Most of the works are both scholarly and accessible in tone; very well done. Here's a Google search limited to the SDHS website and the term "Whaley."

Here's a link to the Whaley House website. History, address, hours, etc.

Same site on the subject of hauntings.

There are plenty of other sites touching on the Whaley House and the topic of ghosts, but I haven't reviewed many of them and those that I have seem to be a little light on both the facts and an objective viewpoint. Still, some are a good read if you want to hear about the experiences of others. Check out this Google search for "Whaley House."

Here's one non-commercial site that stands out for lots of reasons. There is a large collection of photos that show almost all the furnishings that used to be found in the Whaley House prior to the change in management, a message board, and a good summary description of the history and the 'ghosts' that reside there. There are also a few 'ghost' photos sent in by enthusiasts that are examples of... um ...great interpretative skill. Note that this site is no longer being updated, but the message boards still operate. (Kudos to the webmaster for reminding visitors "that the main significance of the Whaley House is its incredible historical value." That point often gets lost when all the focus is on the supernatural.)

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Finally, a personal word of thanks to the Historic Shrine Foundation, the San Diego County Board of Supervisors, the donors, contractors, and scholars, and all the others who dedicated much time, effort and expense to saving the Whaley House from almost certain destruction back in the 1950s. Without their foresight and generosity, we would all be poorer indeed; and for one little boy back in 1969, there'd have been a little less childhood magic in a new and unfolding world.


...But it is interesting to consider what it might have been like to spend a night in the proposed motel that would have replaced the Whaley House, had the house been torn down... ("Come stretch a spell at the new 'Shady Rest Motor Lodge'...")

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