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Christmas 1972: Buttering the Cheese




I was speaking on the phone with Mother shortly after I completed my draft of this essay. It's my habit to let those who appear in my writing know of their pending immortality before I unleash the work. This way they're ready to answer those questions coming out of the blue from the checker at the supermarket.

Mother had a hearty snort when I told her what this essay was about (good; she thinks it's funny. Good Sign. May Proceed.) She then informed me that I ought to take a look in her trunk in my garage; the trunk that had been sitting in a storage locker for 17 years until just this past spring.

Hot dog. My granny had a 2 1/2 foot tall model. With pom-pom ends, no less. It's all there, even the storage sleeves for the branches.

I thought I'd share my good fortune with you. Click on the image at right to see how to assemble a tabletop Aluminum Christmas Tree. A new window will open. Follow the slide show links to the end.

Now if I can figure out a way to grow this puppy to full-size, I've got it made.

"Children, come see what Daddy has in the living room..."

Ho Ho Ho.